How do I order a TripTik or Maps online?

The Internet TripTik Travel Planner

Create your own route online with an interactive mapping program that lets you design your TripTik right on your computer and print it at home. To ensure a seamless online experience: make sure you are using the most updated internet browser or one version older, and popups are enabled in your browser settings so that the map can open as a PDF for you.

Download eTourbooks

View the same detailed travel information available in AAA's paper TourBooks by downloading to your smartphone, tablet or e-reader.

Pickup or Mail Orders

TripTiks, Maps & Guides can be prepared by AAA and ready for pickup or mail. Allow about two weeks for mail requests. TripTik Ordering Tips: Tell us how you want to travel - most direct route, no toll roads, etc. Use the comments window to explain information you think we should know. 

For pickup orders of Maps & Guides Only (excluding a TripTik) you can walk right into a AAA Travel Center; no need to order ahead.

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