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Travel Smarter with AAA's TSA PreCheck Pop-Up Event

Experience traveling with fewer hassles and less stress! Schedule your appointment with a TSA PreCheck agent at AAA! $85 per applicant. Good for 5 years!



Travel Incentive

Book a Cruise or Tour with AAA Reading-Berks and receive your $85 enrollment fee towards your trip.
**Restrictions apply. Cruise or Tour must be for seven (7) nights or longer. Minimum per person rate of $3,000. Booking restrictions may apply.


TSA precheck

How Does It Work?

Upcoming TSA Pop-Up Events
October 10-14


Appointments are available approximately 30 days prior to event.
CLICK HERE or visit universalenroll.dhs.gov to enroll.

Click on START APPLICATION NOW then click on NEW ENROLLMENT for first-time applicants, or RENEWAL if within 6 months of expiration.

STEPS 1-3: Enter information in required areas.

STEP 4 OF 4: Enter WYOMISSING, PA and select the coordinating AAA
Pop-Up Event.

Once "selected" move to bottom of page and click NEXT to create an appointment (time/date).


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Have questions or need help setting up an appointment? Call 855-347-8371 (8am-10pm EST, Monday-Friday)