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Headlight Restoration Service


Are you skimping on headlight safety?


Most modern headlight lenses are made of clear and nearly unbreakable polycarbonate plastic or a similar material. The lenses are treated at the factory with a special coating that protects them from the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight, vehicle exhaust fumes and other environmental contaminants. In fact, to obtain government approval, plastic headlight assemblies must pass a three-year U.S. Department ofTransportation durability test. 

In normal use, the life of a headlight's protective coating depends on the level of exposure to the hazards mentioned above - especially the amount and intensity of sunlight. AAA inspected a representative sample of used vehicles and determined that five years is the approximate timeframe in which visible deterioration of headlight lenses begins to appear.

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Don't Be Left In The Dark

Despite the indisputable benefits for nighttime vision and driving safety, AAA survey results found just 20% of Americans have had deteriorated headlights refinished. Maintaining clear headlights is a critical component of auto care that you can't ignore. If your car's headlights are still in good shape, consider using a regular protective treatment to keep them that way. If deterioration has already occurred, see your way clear (pun intended) to refinish your headlights at the earliest convenient opportunity with a do-it-yourself refinishing product or make an appointment with AAA to have your deteriorated head-lights restored for only $59.95* (both headlights). 


AAA can help you dramatically improve the performance of
deteriorated headlights by refinishing the lenses.



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