Roadside Assistance Location Guide

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Location Guide      

for Roadside Assistance


How to Get Coordinates from Your Smartphone


iphone image



Using Compass App


1. From Home screen of your iPhone, tap on Settings.


2. On the Settings screen, tap on Privacy.


Privacy tab iphone


3. On the Privacy screen, tap on Location Services option.


Location services tab iphone


4. On the Location Services screen, make sure that Location Services option is set to ON position.


enable location services iphone


5. On the same screen, scroll down and tap on Compass.


compass option location services screen iphone


6. On the next screen, tap on While Using the App.


allow compass to access location iphone


7. Open the Compass App on your iPhone and you will find it displaying the GPS Coordinates of your current location at the bottom of your screen.


compass app indicating gps coordinates on iphone



Using Maps


1. Follow Steps 1 to 4 above to turn on Location Services.


2. Open the Maps app.


iphone maps app


3. Tap the arrow icon from the top right and a blue dot indicating your current location will appear.

Tap and hold your location (blue dot).

iphone maps blue button and arrow

A tab will appear at the bottom of the screen, titled "My Location."

Scroll the tab up to view your GPS Coordinates.

iphone maps my location


android image



Using Google Maps


1. From Home screen of your Android, tap on Settings and then Security & Location.


2. On the Location screen, make sure that Location is set to ON position.


android location services


3. Open the Google Maps app.


google maps app android


4. Tap the crosshair icon.


crosshair google maps android


5. Tap and hold the blue dot.


blue dot google maps android


6. Your GPS Coordinates can be found in the search bar at the top of your screen.


GPS coordinates android