Our Core Values

These are the fundamental and enduring principles that guide our mission, our operations, and our relationships.

Commitment to AAA Members & Customers

We exist for our members, and judge everything we do by how well it serves their needs. AAA services, programs, and products will meet high standards of quality and will be continually reviewed to ensure maximum member benefit and fiscal viability. AAA services and products will be tested, proven practical and reliable, and offered only to add value to membership.

Commitment to AAA Associates

We are committed to instilling a culture which promotes new ideas, open communication, equal opportunities, risk-taking, and teamwork through a learning environment. We will support and respect individuality, foster responsible decision-making, and provide a competitive compensation program.

Commitment to the Association

We are committed to membership growth and retention, to the federation structure, and to the autonomy of affiliated clubs. We will help shape the National Organization by exercising a leadership role. We will seek a balance between the uniformity needed to bind us together as an Association, while maintaining the needs of our members. Our goal is long-term success and viability, not short-term advantage. We will be diligent in assessing our business and policy decisions to be confident we are acting correctly.

Commitment to Community & Country

We will be a good corporate citizen, engaging in public service consistent with our mission, the needs of members, the communities we serve, and the national interest. In pursuing public policy positions, AAA will remain objective and responsible, relying on our credibility, expertise, and research in public policy formulation.